How can I password protect ODK aggregate?

1. What is the problem? Be very detailed.
I've followed all instruction to set up ODK aggregate using the recommended digitalocean as a server, however the public can access this and view all my data and forms.

How can I password protect this? I've tried to password protect the host domain but that didn't work and now I'm a bit stuck as I can't find any instructions on the opendatakit website to instruct how to protect this data.... ideally I'd like to password protect ODK aggregate.

Are there any instructions to follow regarding setting up a password to ensure only users that I specify can access ODK aggregate.

Logged in with the admin user name and password and then set permission for other users.
You need to remove permission for users.
Below are setps:

  1. Open your server url which will be like
  2. Click on form management
  3. Click on Sign in with the aggregate password
  4. Loggin with the admin user name and password which you set up during your server setup.
    5. Change property for anonymous users.

If you want more information you can watch the below video for your reference.


Many thanks for the quick reply Narendra! This has solved my issue.

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