How can I pull data directly from devices?

Hi Souirji_Abdelghani.
It's verry helpfull.
Instead, can you help me to agregate 4 devices datta pulled with this technic and then extract the finale data.
Sorry about my broken english.

Hi @benamou! Perhaps you can post in a language that you are most comfortable in?

You can also try our documentation at

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You need odk briefcase
You have to copy on your Windows PC odk collect. To do this, create an "odk" folder in Windows and simply copy the "forms", "instances" and "metadata" folders from your smartphone.
Then open odk-briefcase
Under "pull" select connect to directory (or something like that). Then select the ODK folder on the PC and merge the data via pull.
Then export and done


Dominik ,

Thank you so much for your answer.

I did it.

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Never mind. Since I work a lot with photos in odk, I said goodbye to aggregates something. I myself use the described workflow