How can I repeat the same questions for a given number of products?

How to put a possibility to open a file for each product to identify.
I am creating a product sheet, I would like this sheet to open each time I introduce the products.
For example if I have only one product that this sheet opens once to enter the product information but if I have 5 products that the same sheet comes back 5 times to enter the information of all five products.

Hello @diniero69 , what do you mean with opening a file, like opening an excel book??, if you want to let the user answer different questions regarding the products characteristics, you can make the standard questions and use them in a repeat, there are many ways you can do this, like asking the person who is going to fill this if they want to add another product, or you can put how many times you want the repeat to work, here is some documentation you can use:

By sheet I am assuming that you are referring to a group of questions displayed together on the screen when using ODK collect. There are in fact several ways to do this using either relevancies, a repeat group or both.

How many products are in the list and how many would normally be selected?