How can I use pulldata() on a file added with the file question type?

HI all, i was looking for nearly the same feature and i find it! thanks.

But i have a question: i want to load a file an put it in the form-media directory to pull data from it... I ask this because i need to read a file data and pull them into the form... so the process i thought was:

  1. ask the user to choose a file
  2. with the choosen file pulldata...

but to pull data i need the file to be into the -media directory .... so, is there a way to achieve this?

thank you very much

I'm sure @LN or @Xiphware have some super clever solution, but I don't think this is possible. Can you tell me more about the high-level problem you are trying to solve? For example, why does the user need to choose the file? Why can't it already be added to the form?

Hi! thank you for the reply.

The file comes from another app running from a windows tablet ( attached to a measuring sysstem board) ... so that is why i need to load it when it is ready...and include data into the form.

Thank you very much