How Can One Create Repeat Image Questions For Respondents

Good day everyone,
Is there a proper way of creating image questions such that my respondents pictures are uploaded one after the other,based on their generated unique id.
The workflow is such like a roster, i capture the first respondent name,lastname,generate the id , take his/her picture and go over take another respondent in thesame house,their name,lastname, generated id,take his/her picture. So that i can have their separate images and details in the server.

Thank you

Good Day @Valentine_Onuchukwu,

This sounds like you want repeating questions, all the questions in the group will be repeated for every entry.
Check out this thread here:

Thank you @Yakub ,the second link is not opening.

Yes, the google groups link will not open!searchin/opendatakit/indexed-repeat|sort:relevance because it has been discontinued.
The documentation should have what you need, if not you can always drop it here.

@Yakub, what i want is a repeat questions having the capability to allow enumerators to capture respondents pictures in a loop,or roster like. So that each respondent details correspond to the pictures uploaded,with the help of identifier.
I can now download various respondents details and their matching pictures or connect it via powerbi .

How do i achieve this?

I have tried use image question with the name group in the label column and Repeat in the data column name,but to no avail?

Can you please share the form you created?

@Yakub , i have managed to solve the problem...
I created an image question and add group on the label . everything in a repeat question.
Then in calculate column i added a variable which i reference from outside repeat questions:${username} to give my image an identifier . The username was obtained from a unique id from, (uuid)

Thank you