How can sent submissions be resent?

I would like to know how you change this setting in the build of Collect.

I have a set of data that was submitted by the RAs, unfortunately the form was deleted with the data collected on that day.

I now need the RAs to resubmit the forms to the server again.

Alternatively, if there is a way I can retrieve the data collected for that day from the tablets, I would really appreciate it.

Thank you.

If the data is still on the devices you can try using ODK Briefcase to pull submissions from the Collect directory. See

If you have delete after send turned on, then the data is lost.

Lucky for us, the tablets are not set to delete after submitting. However, this will mean pulling the data for each tablet at a time, right?

You can also re-send submissions that were previously sent. From "Send Finalized Form", tap the 3 dots in the right corner. Choose "Change view". Select "Show Sent and Unsent Forms". You can now select forms to resend. In general, it's safe to resend forms that the server already has. ODK Central and most other servers I know of ignore submissions that they already know about.


@LN This is very helpful. This saves me a lot of time and agony. Thank you very much for the insight. I will just instruct the RAs to do that in the morning.


I had trouble finding that option at first. Then realized I was going through "Sent" on the main menu, which only lets you view the answers for previous submissions. The menu button to click (if you've upgraded to Collect v2023.2 Beta 1) is now "Ready to send".


I'm so glad!

It's pretty buried. I'm curious to know what role, if any, you think the new button language played in that. Like is it maybe because you skimmed my instructions and were looking for something that starts with "S" or is there maybe something deeper going on?

It sounds like you're probably not using Central? Central keeps deleted forms for 30 days before purging.


@LN, I did only skim your instructions. But also, in my head "Ready to send" would not include "Ready to (re)send" - I would not expect to find sent forms in two places, in both "Sent" and in "Ready to send" after changing the view.

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Ah yes, that makes a lot of sense, thanks. When the buttons were called "Send finalized forms" and "View sent forms", the focus was more on the action whereas now it's more on the state. In this specific case, it's not helpful.

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