How do get Server Setting Username dynamically through xlsform or any where?

Hi All,
I'm building a simple application with odk-collect & I'have many different sever user on android device, So they are logged with the respective Server Credential (on Server Setting) and fill the xlsform and submit. My application required store the Sever Logged in Username with my xlsform data or any, when ever a device(Through ODK App) submit a form data/record (submission) to Aggregate Server, I want to store respective user in a column during submit/submission to Aggregate Server along with the form data.
My expected result in below image. Any help will/would be appreciated, Thanks in advance.

Hi @SamDev

I think you need to use preloading.

Here is an example: Test.xml (895 Bytes)

I tried to create an xls sheet for you but I can't see preloading after converting to xml file so probably I do something wrong or there is something wrong with the converter. Here is what I tried: username.xlsx (5.3 KB) @LN maybe you know whta's wrong.



Thanks Grzesiek2010,
I wasn't know, when I post this ? for help But After, I review on
I found Metadata (type : username) It's works for me.

username Username configured (if available).

as you cleverly mentioned on your above post.

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Thanks for your advise, Above screen shoot image painted & edited for expected result Logged In Server User.