How do I create a codebook from ODK?

Hi - how do I create a codebook from ODK? The link I have used before does not work - (


Hi Lisa!

The codebook isn't being actively maintained by Task Force, which is probably why they took down the link. Nafundi has a fork at that we plan on upgrading soon.

Until then, I happen to have a copy of Task Force's version at that you can try. If this solves your problem, click on the ... and click on the checkbox to mark this issue solved.

Oh and when you get a chance, please introduce yourself here!

Hi Yaw! Do you the codebook generator now? I really need it. Thank you

I have had not had the time to look at it. The code is there and I welcome others to contribute to updating.

Alternatively, if you upload your form to and preview it in Enketo, you can print that preview.