How do I download data from loop groups?

I created a form for home visits on ODK build 0.3.3 where I had a "loop group" for inhabitants of the same home.
I uploaded the form on Aggregate and filled one form with 2 "looped entries". When I came back to Aggregate, these looped data could only be visualized on a pop up screen but could not be processed, ie could neither be filtered nor exported. .

Worst still, I tried to export data in a CVS format but it could not be read by Excel 2013. Irrespective of whether I had loops or not.

Please , help me



To export data containing repeat groups: export your data as JSON and convert that back to CSV using some free online conversion tool available. Try This Link to convert from JSON to CSV.



I tried out the link an it worked out perfectly. I really appreciate§

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Very clever solution, Imram! has a quick write up about the various ways to get data out of ODK Aggregate and the various tradeoffs.

My favorite option is to use ODK Briefcase to download the complete data set and export to CSV. Recent versions of Briefcase have an experimental feature in the settings that makes downloads super fast :rocket:

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