How do i limit household head to be selected only once in a repeat group

1. want to only select the household head only once in the Repeat Group loop.

2. ODK Collect v1.2.7..

see the attached excel file..hh_limittion.xlsx (10.9 KB)

any help will be welcome..thanks in advance

Use this constraint if(${position}=1,.=1,.>1) on relationship row. Basically this constraint force to select hh head in the first repeat.You could modify the constraint.

Do not forget to put a constraint message or hint for user.

Check an example XLSForm for reference select_hh_head_once.xlsx (15.1 KB) .

There may have alternative soultion but for now you can use it.

thanks works fine @ARIF_AZAD_KHAN..I appreciate

is there a way not to limit the selection of household head to be the first, but can not be repeated

how do i remove the force for the household head from the first repeat.?