How do i use skip logic for when selecting 3 different options that leads to another question

For example if we have three options that leads to next question. knowing if you select either of the options it leads to a particular question for all selections

Hi @cokeiyi,

Please explain your problem with detailed and practical example so you can get help. Thank you.

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Hi Donald,

Thanks i figured out how that can be done. However, how do i include signature in a question. i have an xls form that has a signature, but when i uploaded on my Android device. Because included it to a question. Eg.

  1. Do you agree to this consent.
    a. Yes b. No
    You have consent to this survey. please provide your signature.

The problem am having is when i click on yes it does show the signature. it moves to the next question and after i return back to the consent question the signature then appears. What do you think is the reason for this.

Hi @cokeiyi,

It seems like you have the consent and signature questions on the same screen/group. Move the signature to a different screen/group