How do you append an existing record on an Aggregate server from ODK collect?

Would like to ask if am able to append a record which is already on the aggregate server?Suppose in a hospital setup a patient comes for a second review would like the results to be just added to the patients record without duplicating the whole record.

You can import data and after importing data in dataset you can update your exiting dataset.

Please can you elaborate on how is this done.

My idea is to append an existing record on the aggregate server without overwriting it. That is, when a patient visits the hospital, the results should be added to the server.

It will be more easy if you can share your form so I can provide you exact and right information to you.

As much I understood that you upload a form on the server of a patient and same patient visit the hospital again and this time again you have to fill this form and need to upload on the server but you don't want to make form duplicate, in this case, you can have to do two things
1 you can make a uniq code or uniq ID and can assign that ID to a patient, so whenever that patient will visit the hospital you can put that ID in your ODK form
2 You need to ask a question with a patient that "Is this your first Visit?" on ODK so whenever you want to export data from the server you can export it and you can validate this on data.


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thanks. All the records have a unique ID. I will upload the data so you can see what we are trying to do. But once again thanks for the help.