How ODK Collect authentication works?

I am working in a test application that mimics Aggregate with /formList and /submission. Both routes are authenticated in the server side with basic authentication. However when ODK Collect tries to get the list of forms it does not seem to send the user credentials.. So I am stuck here and I don't seem to see where in the HTTP request I could find the user or password given.

This screen shot shows the user and password request from collect:

Thanks for any help

I think that authentication is using BasicAuth preferentially on the formList
and submission URLs.

It should accept OpenID credentials (but not negotiate to obtain them)

To get them The request must specify the OpenRosa version header in order for the
OpenRosa behaviors to occur;

The protocol is defined here:

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Excellent! That documentation helped me solving it!

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

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