How ODK is making impact on the projects in India

Hi @saif2khan, Its nice to hear that ODK tools are involved in many applications that you guys are creating for Indian Government. Even I'm from India so I'm curious to know how ODK is making impact on the projects and what things you want as user that ODK tools should have.
It would be great if you could share bit about your work that you've been doing.


Hi @dexter21 @LN !
I would be putting a detailed list of the applications we are creating using ODK tools in the showcase section shortly (been meaning to do that for a long time :sweat_smile: ). We have also been in touch with Yaw for sometime regarding this. Meanwhile, let me share a little bit about our work.
I am part of the tech team of a governance consulting firm, which works with 4 Indian states, in the field of education, agriculture, and employment. We are employing ODK tools in the following 2 applications that we are building for the government:

  1. School inspection app- Education officers can use the app to visit 15,000+ government schools and record their observation. We have customized Collect based on our specific requirements like having authentication, push notification, white labeling, etc.
  2. SMS app- This is an interesting use case of Collect where we are creating forms which we are calling "SMS templates" which teachers can fill and submit. We have scripts running on our server which retrieve the submission data and use it to send bulk SMS to parents. For example, if there is a Parent Teacher meeting, the teacher can select the meeting date and submit the form and an SMS will go to all parents whose kids are studying in that school. Most of these parents don't use WhatsApp so SMS serves as an important mode of communication for them.

Will cover their implementation in detail in the showcase section soon!

Cheers :slight_smile:


Dear Saif,

Did you update Showcase. if so, please share the link.