How skip a lot of questions?

Good evening dear EXPERTS,
I am a beginner with ODK, and for a long time I have a problem. I have a questionnaire with three sections with an introductory question for each one.
Q1: Do you offer ART services? Yes No
Q2 ......
etc ...
Q1Do you have TB services? Yes No
Q2 ...
etc ...
Q1: Do you offer services in Palu? Yes No
Q2 ..
My problem is that after Q1 = "No" I want ODK to go to the next section and so on?
What to do ?



Just use skip logic. You will find examples in here and see the attached form. I have highlighted the skip logic example line in yellow. You will find some more useful example in this for too.

sample_xlsform.xls (30.5 KB)


One quick tip is that you have a lot of questions that should be skipped with the same logic, you can wrap those questions in a group with no label and then put the single skip logic on that group!


Thanks for your answers.
I will try to see

Thanks for your answers.
I will try to see

I have the problem as yours, when I hit 'No' on the top questions I want to skip to another questions by without hit 'Yes' at conditions again.

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this problem is already solved and as described above you need to wrap the part of your form you may need to skip in a group and use Relevant as described in XLSForm Docs. If you have any questions please attach your form and we will try to help.

Thank you for your answers. I will try to do if nothing change I will ask you again sir.