How to Add New Group and loop to the same question

Hello I'm new in ODK, I just wanted to ask if its possible to add new group after begin_repeat based on a yes_no question? and the loop will end after you choose no. thank you.

M3DAS_testloop.xlsx (31.2 KB)

I hope you can help me. thank you very much.

@vans28, do you mean have the group inside the repeat like this?

begin repeat
begin group
-- --- -----
end group
end repeat

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I think what Evan wants is a way to stop repeating based on a yes/no question inside the repeat. That is not possible.

One workaround is to "unroll" those repeats and use relevance on each unrolled block to skip based on previous answers.

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thanks reverton and sir yaw,

i see. maybe i should revamp the sequence of the questions
one more thing, is it allowed to jump or go back to the previous questions or group if ever?

thanks again.

I think yes in both movement. skip logic allows you to manage the 'jump' under relevant column in survey sheet (xlsform).

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Hi vans did you figure out the way to to this?.

hi adarsh_bisht,

as per yaw to stop repeating based on a yes/no question inside the repeat is impossible. so I decided to revamp my question and create a consent and relevant to trigger depends what i want to choose.