How to append a record on aggregate server

Would like to ask if am able to append a record which is already on the aggregate server?Suppose in a hospital setup a patient comes for a second review would like the results to be just added to the patients record without duplicating the whole record.

Hi @schigeza!

I think this could be solved with ODK Collect. I've invited @jknightco to the conversation to see if he has some insights on your question.

If you want to store multiple visits, the best way to represent that is to use an initial visit form that collects baseline information (e.g., patient name) and has an ID that you generate or enter. Then you can also have a return visit form where you enter the ID to tie the records together. Then your downstream tools can do the appending as you see fit.

Does that solution sound like it'd work for you, @schigeza?

Thanks for the response. Let me look at it and will come back to you.

thanks. Will wait to hear from him