How to autocomplete in integer


i will create some integer questions. i want total acres is autofill the total_C response.
can this possible.

can this possible Total_Acres auto-fill.
for example: (2018 in 10) or (2019 in 5) and (2020 in 5) the total is 20, 20 is auto-fill in Total Acres.

Hi @aftab01

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Yes, it is possible, you have to make use of the form operator functions, in this particular case the addition function. In your Total_Acres variables please add C11-C13, the field values will be ${C11} + ${C12} + ${C13}

You can read more in the documentation

please see the link

first of all thank for quick reply.
but my question is can i show this total in total acres question.

see the attached file.

Hi @aftab01

Yes, you can show the total, you need a variable to hold the calculation and another variable to display the result. See documentation

result show in calculation question, but i need the result in integer question.
the total acres question after showing the integer 2020 question.

HI @aftab01

You can hide the calculation and display the result in the integer 2020 question.

Are you in a position to share your form?

Agri - sample.xlsx (13.6 KB)
see the sample file

Hi @aftab01

Please find attached simplified sample working form
Agri_sample_ronald.xlsx (7.1 KB)

can i put a error massage in note question.

Hi @aftab01

You can use the constraint and constraint_message feature to validate responses and show error messages.