How to capture household survey data through xforms

How to create & design household survey data form using xlsform and odk form design. How to use same id for multiple person in same household.

Hello, I only wrote my first form yesterday, so I am no expert. I have just recently watched hours of XLSForm tutorials on YouTube. I would suggest starting with this [video] and then continue until Part 6 of the series. With this knowledge, you will easily answer your question.

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Hi @manoj
if you are a beginner I would recommend reading:
XLSForm Docs and Question Types — ODK Docs

could you tell us more about your case? Describe it step by step so that we can help?

Thanks For your reply. I have experience in the design & development of ODK Geo Based Survey Form. which was a simple odk form. I want to make another application named Household based economy survey application. Data have to be captured in each household with their family person. my concern is how we can identify the household person in the same family in xls file after collecting the data from the field because in XL file there are n no. of family persons, in each household

You should have a question like name which will identify each individual.

Do you have any HH survery template, can you share it.... for reference