How to change default configurations?


We would like to use the functionalities provided by ODK collect, but was wondering if it is possible to have a thin shell over it to simplify some of the functionalities. For example, how can we change the swipe for next question feature to a button option by having a file overwrite the original?


Hi @Shirley_Chen

you can specify the ODK configuration in settings (General Settings and Admin Settings). For example, you can go to General Settings -> User interface -> Navigation and select the Use forward/backward buttons option. If you need other configuration changes and you have multiple devices you can make them once and then export and share your settings (Admin Settings -> Import/Export settings).


I wanted to change the app server configurations so that upon download, it is default to our own aggregate server.


sorry for the late replay but I was on leave.

In your case you have two options:

  1. You can fork our original repository, implement the required change, build an apk file and use that version.
  2. If you want to use the original ODK Collect (not your own form like in the first solution) you can add your default aggregate URL and then go to Admin Settings -> Import/Export settings and share a QR code which will contain your default aggregate URL. Then everytime you install ODK Collect you can go to Admin Settings -> Import/Export settings again and scan that code to use the same configuration.
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