How to change default server for ODK Collect


I have a forked version of ODK Collect and was wondering how I can change the code so that upon download, the app will automatically point to our own ODK Aggregate server without having the user manually changing it.


Hi @Shirley_Chen,

Just advise why do you want to do that? Unless you know how to read those codes, I don't advice you to do that. If you are looking for an easier way to define those settings without typing, have looked at the import settings functionality? You can easily scan a QR code to import settings.

Hi. The app is used in an area with limited internet connection and it would be ideal if we could already have the default server url set already because the users are not very familiar with technology, nor are they proficient with english.


I have seen that happened but with similar interface of aggregate on private server.
You can simplify the process by teaching them how to use briefcase to download the data quite simple for naive people.

If you want to change the default server url please see this file in the source code.
But, deploying custom apk will increase the overhead to maintain it. It is easier to import settings using QR code as mentioned by @dicksonsamwel.

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