How to change text in the pop-up "Add Group"

there is any possibility to change the text which appears in the popup showed when the User has to Add a group? I mean, in our case we have to collect crop data on the field. The question "Add a new Group" is not really meaningful for people who doesn't know ODK Collect app, so I guess if I can change the text with something more specific and clear..
thanks a lot for your support

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Not sure about the availability of this feature. However, in my forms, I usually add an additional question for the number of repeats.


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hi @Michela_Marinelli alternatively you can put a note on the repeat group label. this will be shown after the "add new group"
type = repeat group
name= crop
label = which crops did you produce
with this

if this is okay for you.


I think this would be a great feature for exactly the same reason as @Michela_Marinelli suggests - 'users' don't know what the text means. I was just about to make this a suggestion myself!

Given that when you build the form you give the group a name, is it possible to replace the word group with the name of the group? This would give a simple way of dealing with it - don't know whether that can be done with Collect or Xforms?

I have found the group label useful as per @Fabla 's suggestion, but that is only helpful after the user has said yes to adding a new group.

This would make ODK more intuitive - which I think would be a good thing :sunglasses:

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Users are confused by the word "group." When we do usability tests I see a moment of confusion when they read the "add another group" part. They figure it out after they give it a try. If anybody has any opinions on the UX theory behind this I would be interested in learning more. Thanks.

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I agree with this and experience the same responses from our users. The "Add New Group" often doesn't correspond to the actual use case which leads to confusion; it's unexpected. Would be super helpful to make this text custom.

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Good day all,

Was there any progress or updates on this issue. We have similar users that are confused with the word 'group'. We would love to be able to change the title of the pop-up to remove the word 'group.