How to change the odkaggregate ip address

Hello, Can you help me ?

I have installed my ODKAggregate on a localhost but I want to modify the IP address.

Where I can find his configuration file ??

Easiest thing to do is to re-run the installer and enter the fully qualified domain name.

So I will delete the ODK Folder Fisrt ??

Yes, emove the ODKAggregate.war and ODKAggregate folder in the Tomcat webapps folder.

Here is what you may do:

  • IP settings are in /usr/share/tomcat8/webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/lib/ODKAggregate-settings.jar file (please notice that it is a linux absolute path; cross-check your own OS and tomcat installation folder).
  • It is a zip file which has further files in it.
  • Inside, the IP settings are in file. I have forgotten the exact field name, but open it with any text editor and it is visible.
  • Change it to your new IP address.
  • You need to put this file back as it is (without disturbing the zip sequence). If you are editing it via Winzip or winrar, the software will handle this itself.
  • Put the updated file back in the tomcat folder.
  • Do a tomcat restart too.
  • It is better to do this change in the .WAR file and then put this updated file into tomcat webroot. Remove the previous stuff there. Tomcat will unzip it and make it workable by itself, with the new IP.

I have modified and tested it on many aggregate versions till 1.4.13, and it worked very fine. Not sure about higher versions.

It is much better to use a domain name during the installation (and map it to localhost or some IP) rather than changing these IPs again and again. This way, if your IP gets changed, you can do this change behind the scene (on domain nameserver) without affecting the ODK aggregate installation.

Please do take full backup of everything before this. Also, if you are attempting this on some production server, then do it on your own risk.


It did work for me too.

How about checking the log in details like the username and password for aggregate server when one has forgotten?

@SolomonN Re-running the same or newer version of the installer will reset the administrator password.

Thanks! I have put the domain name, it's work nice

Won't installer re-run destroy the data which is already present in the database (table overwrite)?

Re-running the installer will not destroy the data in the database. That said, it's always a good idea to have a backup of your data and has instructions on how to safely upgrade.

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