How to collect data at different times with a single questionnaire?

Hello everyone

We want to conduct a prospective cohort study on pregnant women in the third trimester of pregnancy, that is to say that there will be a follow-up in time (03 months). The data will be collected at three different periods: 32 SA (weeks of amenorrhea), 36 SA and 40 SA.

We would like to know, please how to design the questionnaire under Excel (XLSFORM) so as to collect data at these three different periods in one and the same form without needing to code for 03 different forms? Knowing that these are the same questions that will be asked but at different periods as mentioned above (32SA, 36 SA and 40SA).


I would think you could open the survey with a question to collect the time period and record unique information to identify the individual pregnant person. Then in the submitted data you just filter as needed on the column with the period data.

For health/medical data, I would consider encryption.

If you need general information on the process of making a form in Excel, please check out the documentation. There are excellent introductory materials as well as all the advanced details: