How to compare two field values as equal

For example, At field 'A', I have a integer value 5 and At field 'Total' I have the total calculation of integer fields 'B', 'C' and 'D'.
So this two fields needs to be equal.
Like If I put 1 in 'B', 2 in 'C', 2 in 'D', then I will get 5 at 'Total' field. But if I put wrong values and the total field value is different than 'A', then it should restrict you go to the next page.

Like I said in Pass value from one field to another automatically - #6 by Grzesiek2010
constraint column in which you need to put something like:

Everything you need you can find here: so it's definitely worth reading especially if you are new here.

Yeah got it from your earlier message. Thanks :blush: