How to compile and upload odk Aggregate

hi edwin,

given that you are totally new to gae, i'd suggest you try and see if
you can get the sample application running. i bet that (and will answer
most of your questions.


··· On Mon, Dec 27, 2010 at 14:09, Edwin Mugendi wrote: > Dear Everyone, > I'm new to Odk Aggregate and Google Apps Engine. I have checked out > the ODK Aggregate sources according to this guide > > . > 1. What is the next step to compile and build the Odk Aggregate? > 2. Are there any configurations that I need to make? > 3. Which is the best guide to follow? > 4. Can I test the application on my localhost? > 5. If I can test the application on my localhost, what about the > database? > 6. How do I set up odk aggregate to work with mysql? > > Your assistance will be highly appreciated. > >