How to compile geoodk on android studio

hello everyone,
i am trying to clone the geoodk i downloaded from github but am having problem in running the app on emulator.
the error message is collect-master\app\build\intermediates\merged_manifests\debug\AndroidManifest.xml:140: error: unexpected element found in .

Hi @ogunmolu1960. GeoODK isn't a core ODK tool. It's a fork of ODK Collect and it's unmaintained and a year or two out of date.

If you'd like help with it, ask at!forum/geoodk-developers, but again, it's unmaintained so you might not get a response.

thank you very much Yanokwa. I dont know if there is any data collection app better or almost equal for field data collection with spatial that i can use mbtiles as layer.
May God bless you.

Core ODK Collect does allow you to set offline map layers with raster mbtiles: You will also soon be able to set offline map layers from vector mbtiles (see Geo: Using the Mapbox SDK for Android).

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