How to create a combined Search in xlsforms?

I am trying to create a form with text field (to enter Search String).
Form contains field such as State, District and Taluk

While performing the Search, it should check in all the three fields and then return the result.
Attached the expected output of the Form.

I used the Search function, but it only searches in one field. Is it possible to Search in multiple fields and return the output

Screenshot 2022-11-07 135705

Thanks in Advance for your help.

Usually asking about administrative areas is done over several questions as a cascading select. The user selects the state in question 1. Then in question 2, the user is shown only the districts that are inside of the state they selected. Then in question 3, the user is shown only the Taluks that are in the District they selected.

Can you please explain more the reason you need to search across fields? Maybe you can share the question(s) from your survey form here?

Clients requirement is that the Search String(like Global Search) entered, should be searched across all the fields(State, District, Taluk, School) and the results should have all the four fields

They don't want to enter details to list of Questions as they may or may not have complete information(No Cascade Select)
1.State 2. District 3. Taluk

Hope I am clear. Let me know if you need any other information.

I know there are limitations in what you can recommend to the client but to be honest I would probably discourage that approach. A global search across all admin levels would likely lead to a lot of user input errors.

Normally the approaches are that the user either does a text search for the lowest level, or alternative selects from a cascading list starting with the highest level. In the first scenario, where the user does a text search for the lowest administrative area (eg. Taluk), the higher layers (State, District, etc.) can still be displayed on the screen and stored in the background using the "calculate" and "note" question type. This way the user can verify their selection of Taluk using the Districts and States.