How to create a select one in XLSForm

Hi Narendra,
Thanks for the directions....
I have tried to learn but a quick question please..
How do we create a select question on xlsform. I am trying to come up with one but once I submit the form for conversion that row in excel is reported to have a problem. The choices aren't linked up with the question in the survey sheet. Forgive me for my innocence and lack of knowledge.

Hi @Muleileonard

here is a form with all widgets you can find there how to do that:

1 Like and also have lots of good documentation.

Hi Grzegorz,

Thanks for sharing.

I will try to practise.



Hello Odkers,
Thanks for your support so far.
I am now getting used to this amazing software.
Quick question Please. How do we use the calculate widget.
for example, suppose we asked for the total no of people in the household, then subsequently we wish to get the number of adults and children. How do we go by this via xlsform.

I tried working on the this xlsform

Once i upload my form in the Ona website I get the following error message:
"[row : 35] Missing calculation."

Please guide me on how well i can specify this widget.

calculate is not a widget it's just a way to calculate something and use in other widgets, take a look at this example:
min-repeats.xlsx (5.0 KB)
There is a repeat group with one integer question. You can for example add thre answers (let's assmume it's 5, 3, 10). Then you can calculate the min value from those answers (3) and display it in a widget.

Dear Grzesiek2010,
I am interested in getting the difference and not the min value. How do I go by that? For the minimum value, I see this command line "min(${value})" Suppose I want to obtain difference between two observations, like in my case, we have got the total number of people in the household, the total number of adults, How do we proceed to obtain the total number of children from the above subsequent observations using "calculate"

please attach your form or describe your case better becasue I don't understand enought and I don't know I can help you.

In the calculation column of a row with the calculate type, you can put in ${num_hh_members} - ${num_hh_children}. You can read more about supported operators at