How to create a table of 3x3 in xlsform

1. What is the issue? Please be detailed.

i have around 70 multiple choices which are actually medicines that could be prescribed to a patient and all medicines will be visible in ODK collect mobile-based application which a doctor can mark.

I want to make a TABLE or anything suitable that could display all the choices on a tablet/mobile screen.

can anyone help me in this regards how could I make a table in the xlsform in order to display this massive list column by column?

I have tried the table-list, compact, minimal options but this is not serving the purpose

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FloodReliefCamp2022.xlsx (41.4 KB)

I think search would be a good UI option.

how to design a UI in Xlxform then? --> search for "Click on the link to see an example of a search-and-select sample form and the .csv file used with form can be found here. "

You might want to think about using "Select widget with autocomplete" to filter out the huge list (set appearance as 'autocomplete':, or set the appearance as 'columns-3':
Those might not be a perfect solution, but it will make your questionnaire looks more organized.