How to create url link

hello friends , i am inquiring how i can create a link so that people can be able to send forms and i become an admin in order to be managing those forms .

Hello @protus.
If you use a google drive, following this steps
1- Create a new google sheet
2- Find the link of this sheet with tha botton share (this link will paste en the xlsform)
3-In the odkcollect use the google acount who have the google sheet
If you use a local server the url is your local IP (example and need to use odk aggregate.

Hi @protus,

I encourage you to spend some time in the documentations available as much of what you need to know is already there. There are couples of way that odk supports as @famador indicated. You will need to set up aggregate or central

You can start by checking out with the test servers, for aggregate and central.

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Hello @protus ,Which is the user and password of test server of central?*