How to delete a submission entry? - ODK Central


So I get a submission, it is rejected by me on the central dashboard (it was a test entry). Now, I want to delete it permanently, but unable to figure out how to do it. The basic reason is that it gets pulled into ODATA stream by the dashboard, and since there is no ACTIONS field coming up in the feed, I am unable to filter it out from main dashboard. I know I can do it via some custom filter on GDS, but still I am wondering if there is a way to delete it from the source (Central dashboard).


  • Submission deletes are on the roadmap but not yet implemented.
  • You should be able to filter as part of an OData query. As of Central v1.2, "OData $filter queries may now reference the new __system/reviewState metadata field".
  • You should be able to filter within your dashboard as well. Submissions should have a field named ReviewState that indicates the review state.
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