How to delete an answer

Hello, i need to know if this is possible in kobo, when someone who is taking the survey chooses an answer , and they submit their response, that answer choice will not appear for the next person who takes the survey.

Hello @Erblina_Temaj ,

Kobo uses a few ODK tools, but it's a different project with its own forum at You might find help there.

To make sure everyone gets the right help, can you tell us what made you think you could get Kobo help on the ODK forum? Was there a website or instructions that brought you here? Thank you!

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Thanks for your reply.

Sorry, probably you meant: ${option} = 'option 1' (small letter, please, it is the name here, not the label).

As I understood, the requirement was, to block a selection, which was chosen in a previous form case. (If it would be in the same form, there are other options discussed here and in the Kobo forum, to avoid duplicates.)

I propose to forward further discussion now to Kobo forum, please.

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