How to delete/purge rows from Central (PostgreSQL)?

How to delete/purge rows from Central (PostgreSQL) after certain time in order to manage storage and data retention policy.

Basically we need to manage storage limits and data retention policy we must have to purge/delete rows in certain time of period (ex. 6 months). we are running ODK central (v1.2.0) with PostgreSQL database on Prem Linux server.

Need help on:

  1. How to delete submissions?
  2. How to connect inbuilt PostgreSQL to Database Client (ex. pgAdmin)?

Can some one guide me the the recommended approach to achieve this requirement?

Server : ODK Central (v1.2.0)
Database: PostgreSQL
Client: ODK Collect

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I have the same requirements. I need to be able to remove subbmissions after processing for GDPR purposes.