How to disable copy paste in text field

Hi Team,

i want to disable copy paste option in text field in ODK Collect

i am using ODK Collect at aggregate on App Engine..


Hi @noman.s2325

It's not possible. Could you describe your case? Maybe we can add a new option in settings or something to allow doing that if it's important.

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Hi @Grzesiek2010
As you know, i did ask you a procedure to send random number to respondent mobile number automatically,so interview could not know which random number send to respondents mobile number, but in your solution random number shown in interviewer's message application.

so i want to restrict interviewer to copy random number from its own device to ODK Collect.

basically i want to verify that mobile number provided by respondent is OK..

BR, Nouman

Ok I see. I created a new topic in Features: Allow disabling copy/paste in text questions
please vote for it if it's important for you.

@Grzesiek2010, Can we scan code (AlphaNumeric) and get results in ODK Collect i.e bar code scanner which scan the image and paste the result,

it will be really applicable if there will be an option something like this...
than i can generate a long code and sent to respondent mobile number than allow interviewer to scan that code using ODK collect to verify that number from respondent's device..


There is Barcode widget so it seems like a possible case.

@Grzesiek2010 you are right but it cannot scan Alpha/Numeric/AlphaNumeric. i have already test it.