How to display a data from the column "label" of a previous answer in the form?

for a survey, it is sometimes useful to display the answer (from the label column) of a previous answer.

In my case, I display the name of the postal address next page of my form with the function "note" et a text : "the observation is made at the address : ${adresse}" but the field "adresse" give the name of that previous answer defined in the "name" column ("choices" tab).

However, I wish I could instead display the name of the "label" column. This would be useful as we put the address ID (ID BAN) in the "name" column of addresses in the "choices" tab, which helps for the treatment of my data.

Does anyone knows how to do that ? Thanks in advance. Pierre

Hi @Pierre_Floods ,

This discussion is about what you want to achieve :

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In addition, you might have a look at the documentation, please, and search for choice-name() to see an example, here for a select_multiple. (More examples could be found with the search function of this forum.)


Thank you for your responses, it works using "jr:choice-name"

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