How to display the text/option selected in multiple choices in ODKBuild to appear in Google Fusion table

Hi Team,
I am new here and to ODK. I am working on a project where students go to the field and record some environmental related information. I've created ODK form and downloaded onto Andriod and then used odk collect software on tablets to record the information.

I have created a form in ODKbuild with multiple choices and that uploads the responses to the fusion table as well as Aggregate.

Ex: Select the type of environmental
A. A roof
B. A water
C. A Place

If the responses are A,B, the fusion table should show the responses as "A roof, A Water".

So far, I have created multiple choices and gave the same description with dashes in between. Ex: A-Water- under underlying if A,B is selected, it records A-roof_A-Water......
I would like to know if we can displace full description rather then just A,B, or dashes or underscore in between.
I am really sorry if it is not clear or posted in the wrong place.
Many thanks in advance.

Hi Fahed,

As the values are stored, they are going to be displayed that way. Those full descriptions can be applied as labels in a statistical package. eg Stata

Many thanks for your reply, Dickson.
I have a Stata software but don't know how to make this happen using Stata.

In that case just google how to label data in Stata

Will do ..many thanks again, Dickson.

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I would probably advise against that. It would be better to code select one/multiple numerically so that you can do calculations once the data are in Stata. I remember ODK has functions to call and display choice labels. Hope I don’t remember wrongly.

Thanks for your reply, Trung.
I am using Google Fusion table to store data from ODK aggregate directly (don't store in Stata). was looking for the function on ODKBuild to put in underlying value, so that the selected choice displays in the Google fusion table. If you/someone can recall that functions for me, would be really helpful.
Thanks again for help!!

Hi Fahed,

After reading this, i remembered a function that you can use.

If used to get a choice name from a select question, this function returns the name, not the label, of the selected choice. To get the label in the current language, use jr:choice-name()

That means you have to add an additional column to store this value.