How to generate a STATA do file from ODK Form?

1. Hello everyone, I was trying to import a do file that generates the data set using ssc install odkmeta command and it is giving me this error message in Stata16 MP "SSC package specialexp required".

Hey @asamenewlema , Could you tell me how this package useful in ODK.


Hi Iamnarendrasingh, thanks a lot for your response but the package i am asking is in Stata to to import a do file that generates the stata data using the survey sheet and choices sheet but i was having a problem of creating the do file.

I would like to give another command which is ODK2STATA Here is link ""

I am sure that this will help you in getting a do fie from ODK form as I used same for my ODK Forms.


Thanks a lot again my friend, would you please instruct me how can i use the link, tnx

This error message in STATA is telling you that you have to install specialexp before you can install odkmeta.

In STATA, type ssc install specialexp
Then when that's done you should be able to install odkmeta


Hi elmps, thanks a lot for looking in to this and I have been able to resolve the issue as you have suggested me.
Thanks a lot again.

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