How to get a data from External_choices and compare with reference values

Hi ODK members,

We are unable to compare the given data with the height and weight of the child from the external choices of standards. We have more than 200 values for different age groups of BMI, Underweight, and overweight data which are organized in external data. We need to show in the results of Severe, moderate and Normal and so on. Please suggest to us.

You have a spreadsheet of data on various children and want to look up the previous value(s)? Do you have a unique identifier for each child that you can use for the lookup?

Hello Manne,

For the BMI you probably won't need to reference neither weight nor height since the cut-offs can easily be calculated and categorized.

My suggestion would be:

  • Creat one calculate variable where weight div (height * height) this will give you the BMI
  • Create another select_one with the severity ranks as options (normal 1, moderate 2, severe 3) and in it's calculation use if(${bmi}<x,"3", if(${bmi}<x,"2","1")

If you still have to reference like in ENA, then make sure your spreadsheet has the same decimal places as the fields in your form. You can use some regex() expressions to force user to input at least one decimal points for both height and weight

Hoping this helps.

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Jules R

Hai @danbjoseph thank you for your Quick response.
we have a unique ID's of each child even we have QR code for each which is linked to Goole drive. In this, we would like to ask comapre a given values with reference values which are given in external_choices reg.

Does the answer from @jules_rugwiro help your situation?

Hai @jules_rugwiro thank you for suggestions it working perfectly. In addition to this how to pull the data from CSV file.
Thank you once again.