How to get an particular app user's submission using central API?

Hello Team, I wanted to know if I can get an app user submission using central API.
I wanted to create a dashboard where an app user can see his/her data that they have submitted in the form.

Thank you.

Each Submission will have a submitterId that will be the ID of the Actor (App User, User, or Public Link) that originally submitted the Submission. See:

You can get the list of all app users for a given project which will have the id and displayName and other metadata:

Yess, I got it. Thank you. I have one more doubt: I am able to get the app user's submission data in XML format, but can I get it into other formats also, like csv??

Thanks again for the help.

Yes, you can export the form Submissions to CSV. The methods for getting Submissions are documented here:

You might also be interested in the OData endpoint:

Thanks for the help!!