How to get ContentUri of form without passing through Form picker first?

For ODK collect,

Is there anyway to formulate the ContentUri of an existing .xml form in the /forms directory without using the Form Picker Intent return the ContentUri?

I'm trying to skip the Form picker intent, as I know the form file name since I would have just copied it there. However I can't seem to formulate the ContentUri of the .xml file without getting it through my application in the Activity result from the Form Picker Intent first. I've tried implementing my own FileProvider (to generate the uri) but this hasn't been working as expected, and not sure it would work. Being able to skip the user having to choose the form is going to be a major enhancement for my workflow.

Is this a possible enhancement that could be made for new implementation of Form Picker Intent with a parameter of a file name? The intent could then return the uri & close if found. If not found it would remain open for the user to pick the form as normal.


Collect exports providers for both forms and instances. Have you tried using those?

Here are the columns you can use in your queries.

Here is an example of getting all forms, all instances or all forms ready for submission.