How to get Entity uuid (__id) in xls form

I am creating an entity updating form. But I am not using "select_from_file" to select record in entities. Instead of, I am searching mobile number in entities I need uuid (__id) in a variable to update the same record. Please help to design command using pulldata or instance to capture __id from entities dataset.

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Let me know if more details are required.

Let's say you're capturing the mobile number in a field called phone_number and also have a phone_number property in the entity list you want to get a value from. Your instance expression would be:

instance('<entity list name>')/root/item[phone_number = ${phone_number}]/name

Why name?! We made the decision to provide the entity id as name when exposing Entity Lists to forms so that select_one_from_file would work without any configuration.

That's very nice but the tradeoff is that it feels surprising when you want to look up that id directly. I'm not sure we made the right decision but it feels like there isn't a perfect option! We may consider adding an __id alias at some point. For now, hopefully this usage makes sense. Please ask if there's any part that feels unclear.

You may find this documentation on instance expressions helpful. I also showed some worked examples on the last Insiders call.

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Thanks LN, It is working, great help.

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