How to get file name for downloadSubmission URL

I got a specific downloadSubmission URL


The problem is that, my_test_form in the url is my actual file name not form name. How can I get all file names from ODK Aggregate? Is there like a URL that can get them all? Because without it I can't get a specific submitted form.

Have you had a chance to review

Yes, but unfortunately there is no url been provided for getting that information.

When you say "How can I get all file names from ODK Aggregate?" what high-level problem are you trying to solve? Why do you need to get a list of all file names? Are these files that in only in blank forms or also files in submissions?

The higher level problem that I am trying to solve, is to get a submitted form based on formId and topElement. Now, the problem that I am facing, is I can't get access to topElement because it's a file name and we do not have access to it till I view xml file myself manually.