How to get my token api on odk central

Hi guys! I would like a easy way to figure out my api token on odk central.
Help me please. Thanks!

Have you tried the sample code in the session authentication API docs? What part of that did you get stuck on?

Hello yanokwa!! I read the document, but I don´t understand it. I´m new user odk. Do you have a tutorial about this?

Hello! I need help on documentation!

"Logging in: presenting an Email Address and a Password for verification, after which a new Session is created. Associated with the Session is an expiration and a bearer token. Sessions expire 24 hours after they are created."

I created my user whith a email address and a password, but I don´t know how to see my bearer token.

A Web User isn't associated with a single, unchanging API token. Instead, you need to create a new Session each time that you use the API. The Session will have a unique token that will be valid for the next 24 hours. To create a new Session, follow the instructions under Logging in. Once you have created the Session, you can use its token for further requests.

As mentioned by Matthew_White Logging in instructions, you will receive a json format response. Using PHP $token = json_decode($response, true)['token'] will give you the token.