How to get pictures after sending the form

Dear community,

What are the different solutions to manages images/photos coming from a form?

For example is it possible to download them from the server? Are they stored somewhere in the device?
Is there any other solution you use for data collector to access their photos easily (and not just see them one by one)?

Thank you really much for your help,

Dear @Emma_Joseph_Oudin ,

you can download the media files directly from the server (see below :point_down:)

They are stored as well on the device

You can retrieve the media files via ODK Briefcase

or after identified the collect directory on the device, you can navigate there with a file explorer

Identifying the Collect directory on your device
The ODK Collect directory location on your device depends on which version of Collect you have:

  • ≤ v1.26.0: /sdcard/odk. Was available to other applications to integrate, but as of August 2020, Google
    no longer allows globally accessible storage.

  • >= v1.26.0: /sdcard/Android/data/ Only accessible by Collect.

  • >= 2021.2: /sdcard/Android/data/ Only accessible by Collect.
    The Project directories will contain a blank file with the same name as the Project itself.

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Mine was reside in internal shared storage. I notice that the collect directory you show are sdcard/
How to configure the app to store data in sdcard?