How to give limited access on forms in Odk collect to specific user? Details are in the description

Hello everyone. I hope this post is finding you well.
My company is doing a survey in collaboration with another company. We will proceed like this.
1 Our partners will download odk collect.
2 We will give them our url so they can get the blank form.
3 then they will conduct the data collection through our form.

But in the meantime we are also conducting a survey on 5 other projects. And as you know our partners can also download the forms of this 5 other projects. but I dont want them to have acces on all the projects. i want them to have acces only in the project we are collaborating. How can i do this?

I hope I am clear.
If you have any question please ask for clarifications.

Sincerely, Andi.

Helle @Kala_Andi,

we do that and it's quite easy with Central.
You need to create 2 different App Users for the project :
and then check for each one the forms he is allowed to use :

Using the right QRCode, your partner will only see the forms he is able to use.

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thanx for the response. but do you know if there is any solution for this with odk aggregate. because i am using aggregate for he moment

As far as I remember this is not possible with aggregate, which is no more maintained :

You should consider using ODK Central instead : users and forms management are one of its greats benefits !

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