How to issue different login id for enumerator

How to make a login system in odk plate form,because i have 36 district and i want every enumerator putt data related to district and not see other districts.if i do data quality improve and minimize chance data errors.
please help me to solve this problem

Did you give access of ODK aggregate server to each and every field staff?

Please give more information about your project so we can give you more specific inputs.


Sir i want to ask any method to make login in odk application user just enter user name and password to see his personal district

Hi you will need to have a filter on the choice list for districts and related data. Please see the below post for examples. Filter based on previous choices

In your example though for this to work the enumerators will still have to select their name from a previous select_one question. I don't think that there is currently a way to retrieve the username from the server login unless someone can correct me on that. The choices available in the district question would then all be filtered based on the enumerator name.

A second option would be to give the enumerators ID cards with barcodes which they scan and which automatically fill these questions using the pulldata() function.



Hi, @azam_iqbal I am data manager in a large-scale survey (PMA2020) and our project is running in 11 Countries. In India, we are working in Rajasthan and in Rajasthan, we are covering 32 districts out of 33.
We have 147 Field worker and all are working in their PSU.
So, it's like select 1 then there are choices in that select 1 and then sub choices so they select their area(where they are working).
@noel is giving you right thing his strategy is good you should use it as we are also using this.