How to login to ODK Aggregate?

I have lost the history of my PC and I do not know how to access the ODK Aggregate of my company, please it is urgent, could you help me? I can't find it on google

If it is still running but you forgot the URL, do you have access to the service providing your domain (e.g. NameCheap, Google Domains, GoDaddy, etc.)? OR would you have an email in your inbox history about the domain registration?

If the URL is no longer active but you think the server might still have the data then you'll need server access. Your Aggregate server could have been installed with any number of cloud services providers including Tomcat, DigitalOcean, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc. See the list in the docs about installing. You'll need to know where it was installed, and then you'll need at least the login credentials for that service.

If you're still using ODK please note that Aggregate is no longer being supported. Central is now the ODK server. We strongly recommend using Central becauseAggregate has not been patched for security, reliability, and other issues since May 2021 when it reached end-of-life. The post below has more details.

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I already found the url, thanks for the help anyway

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