How to make a new api in the server portion of odk central to logout odk


i am trying to make api in odk central to logout of odk central, so that i call the same api from another jsp page ,

on the top of user.js file is added

import { logOut } from '../../../client/src/util/session';
import { noop } from '../../../client/src/util/util';

module.exports = (service, endpoint) => {
inject: ['container'];

and inside the user.js file is below

service.get('/users/current/logoutodk', endpoint(({}) =>
.then(() => {
logOut(this.container, false)
.then(() => {
// this.alert.success(this.$t('alert.logOut');
response.cookie('__Host-session', 'null', { path: '/', expires: new Date(0),
httpOnly: true, secure: true, sameSite: 'strict' });
response.cookie('__csrf', 'null', { path: '/', expires: new Date(0),
httpOnly: true, secure: true, sameSite: 'strict'});

i am trying to see if this call can be done from a jsp page as below

<% $.ajax({ type: "GET", url: "", success: function(data){ alert(data); } }); Cookie cookie =null; Cookie[] cookies =null;// Get an array of Cookies associated with the this domain cookies = request.getCookies(); if( cookies !=null) { for(int i =0; i < cookies.length; i++){ cookie = cookies[i]; cookie.setMaxAge(0); cookie.setValue(null); cookie.setPath("/"); response.addCookie(cookie); } } %>

but is not successfull ,

i am continously gettting the error

pls help odk central development tea where i am going wrong.

also the killcookies is as below

also the code in the user.js file looks like this below