How to make attandance system through odk

I want to make attandance system through odk app.
What questions adds to my form for attandance and how to make possible
Anyone help me .

Hi, with ODK1 there are different ways of doing it, but they have some limitations depending on the constraints you impose.

  1. No preloaded list. You make a simple form and use it to register the attendance of each person.
  • you need to repeat some admin details,
  • you need to type in the name
  • time consuming
  • there could be duplicates!
  1. Preloaded list in csv. You make a form with a repeat group and allow the user to select the member from a csv and confirm if she is present.
  • faster then solution 1 but there still could be duplicates
  1. Preloaded list in csv but ordered call. You still have a repeat group, but you prepare the support csv file such that for each iteration the form automatically calls the next person in the preloaded list.
  • while it is faster and it prevents duplicates, you are bound to call people in order. You could still navigate through the form to jump to a different person, but it's not too use friendly.

I'm also interested in hearing the suggestions of other forum members n



How many people are on the attendance list?
Is it just one group/class?
Is the survey for use by the instructor? Or does each attendee self-report using ODK to submit their presence?

A select_multiple for which you select each person in attendance is the most straightforward and might fit your needs. If it's for multiple groups, you could have filtered options.

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